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About Perkins Pet Services

At Perkins Pet Services your pets' happiness is the core of our business. 

Established since 2017, we are experienced animal lovers within the pet services sector. This includes dog walking, pet sitting, pet visits, as well as prior work within an established Kennels and Cattery business. And of course pet owners ourselves!

We understand the importance of providing excellent care, exercise, love and affection to your pets whilst ensuring their safety takes precedence at all times.

We pride ourselves in offering a professional, friendly (and fun!) approach to looking after your pets, whilst catering for your tailored requirements as a pet owner.

Having previously worked for an established Pet Services business in Epping Forest for some time, providing multiple walks per day (for up to 5 dogs at a time), it demonstrated and enhanced our passion for dogs and giving them an extensive level of love, care and affection. 

The dogs we walked and boarded were vast in their range of sizes, breeds, characters and needs. This included a 60 kilo Bull Mastiff Cross, a 70 cm tall Giant Shnauzer and a tiny Shih Tzu. Some of the dogs needed to be kept on the lead, some had a fear of horses, some didn't like other dogs and some even liked other dogs a bit too much! We catered for everyone!

Alongside the dog walking and boarding, experience was gained at a reputable Dog Kennels and Cattery facility that boarded up to 40 dogs and 18 cats. Again, the breeds and character traits were extensive and responsibilities varied from cleaning, playing, walking, feeding and cuddling these fluffy friends.

Having spent so much time working with peoples' pets and growing up with animals, it seemed a natural progression to provide our own independent business caring for animals. And Perkins Pet Services was born...

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